M.E - Power Electronics and Drives
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Power Electronics deals with conversion and control of electrical power. Power Electronics is often defined as a hybrid technology that involves the disciplines of power and electronics. The field of Power Electronics and Drives is changing very rapidly due to intensive research taking place in the areas of power semiconductor devices and digital signal processing. Hence it is the need of the day to keep abreast of this field and to cater the requirements of industry in a better way. Developments of advanced topologies of electrical machines have also widened the scope of power electronic controllers.
The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers a two year masters program in Power Electronics and Drives. The program has an increasing exposure towards growing industrial needs. This program includes a the detailed study of power electronic devices and its applications for AC drives and DC drives, power system voltage stability and its control and the trends in the renewable energy systems.


Power Electronics and Drives lab
The Department has a Power Electronics Laboratory equipped well with drive-control kits based on SCRs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, TRIAC, DIAC, UJT etc., and various configurations such as converters, inverters and chopper. The Department also has a well set computer lab that has a server with 35 nodes of ACER, core 2 duo processor, with 500 GB SATA hard disk and 2GB DDR2 RAM. The lab is provided with the following software packages.

  • ORCAD Capture with PSPICE 10.5
  • PSPICE 9.0
  • PSIM 6.0
  • AU Power Lab
  • MATLAB 7.2